“I love to approach my work, and my life, as a storyteller. To me any subject that has been craftily edited can take a viewer to a new place -even if it’s just for a split second. What a trip to do that for a living!” - Erin Michael

Erin Michael


Curiosity mixed with pop culture, fashion and nostalgia is what drives my aesthetic. After art school I worked 10 rewarding years as an in-house designer for Moda Fabrics. Over the years I have worked in several markets designing interior commercial and residential spaces as well as surface design and fine art. Currently I am working full-time in my personal studio in Dallas, Texas. 

I have an 10 year old son Finn, one dog named Hank, one female cat named Arnold (guess who named him) and at last count 2.5 million lego bricks. Being a single parent, my life as an entrepreneurial mother is a work-in-progress. I drink espresso every morning, and harbor a deep secret to be a sultry jazz singer from the 30’s but know I’m entirely too goofy to pull it off.